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Family Lawyers for Men in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Family law proceedings can be complicated and emotionally charged. As events unfold, they can take their emotional toll. If a divorce or legal separation is a possible outcome, then it is important to approach the future with clarity and insight. Count on Kenny Leigh & Associates to provide the representation you deserve.

We are family lawyers for men in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We use our knowledge and experience to provide aggressive legal representation as we fight for your rights. We understand that legal challenges are tough, which is why we provide a compassionate and detail-oriented approach to service. With us at your side, you will gain the resources and assistance you need to assert your rights.

A Firm Focusing on Fathers

Our firm serves men with all their family law concerns. We focus on fathers because we understand the distinct challenges that confront them in terms of family law. Longstanding gender stereotypes and traditional social conventions have de-emphasized the role men play in raising families. As a consequence, these biases have bled into the legal system. Depending on the ruling, men can be hit with asymmetrical settlements, lose custody battles, and be denied the right to see their children.

At our men-only law firm, we firmly believe that fathers deserve to have a presence in their children’s lives and upbringing. So long as you demonstrate the willingness and fortitude to raise a family, you may count on us to provide strong and assertive representation that protects your rights.

Father and Daughter in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Helping You Secure a Future for Your Family

Above all else, it is important to look out for the best interests of the family and your children. Let us help you make a strong case. Our family law and divorce attorneys are rigorously trained and thoroughly experienced. Beyond that, we are also compassionate. Our team takes the time to learn about your situation, which allows us to put your case in perspective.

With us at your side, you can approach to coming legal challenges confidently. We’re more than family lawyers: we are advocates. Our practice areas include:

Reaching the Best Possible Outcome

When legal matters approach, it is always important to know that you have options. As men-only family attorneys, we understand the challenges that might await you. Fortunately, you never need to handle these issues alone. Our team is here for you.

From the negotiating table to the courtroom, our team fights for your rights. Count on us to provide the representation you deserve in these difficult times.

Contact us to learn more about our legal services. Our law firm serves men throughout Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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