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Divorce Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

For essential support during the end of your marriage, consult with the team at Kenny Leigh & Associates. At our firm, our divorce attorney in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, offers a series of services for those going through the end of a marriage. Whether you are dealing with custody issues or you and your ex are having a clean split, count on us to protect you throughout the process. Schedule an appointment with our divorce lawyer today to receive compassionate service for every situation.

Work with Our Experienced Divorce Lawyer

You never expect your marriage to end in a separation. Unfortunately, divorce is more common than ever before, and many couples find that splitting up is the best option for all those involved.

Even when a divorce is mutual, it can still be difficult for the families involved. In situations where there are children or financial issues at stake, the decision to go through a divorce becomes even more stressful. No matter what the terms of your split are, it is important to turn to a knowledgeable attorney for representation.

Divorce Attorney with a Client in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

At our firm, our attorneys have more than 16 years performing divorce services. From deciding who will have custody of your children to determining a fair spousal support amount, we are here to help you make difficult choices for your divorce. By turning to us for guidance, you will have the support you need to navigate even the most difficult situation.

Divorce Services: Performing Modifications

Many times, situations will change. If the initial terms of your divorce are no longer applicable, it may be smart to consider a modification. Our divorce lawyer can sit down with you to discuss your case and determine if you are eligible for a modification.

When is a divorce modification possible? To modify the terms of your divorce, you must show a substantial change in circumstances to the course. These changes can be anything from a major change in income for one of the parties or a display of improper actions on the part of the mother. No matter what the terms of your case are, we are here to help you.

As part of our divorce services, our attorney is here work with you for every part of your separation agreements. We take the time to meet with you to discuss everything from custody agreements and post-separation support to visitation rights.

Contact us to speak with our divorce attorney about your situation. Our divorce lawyer offers services for clients throughout Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.